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Why is water so important in reflexology?

Why is water so important in reflexology?

Water is THE secret to reflexology and I urge everyone to drink more than your usual quota of water for at least 24 hours following a reflexology treatment.


Reflexology encourages the body to work twice as hard to eliminate toxins and the only way to completely remove this waste is by flushing them out, and water is the only vehicle to support this process. Without it reflexology can leave you feeling dehydrated and you may experience a headache and flu-like symptoms.


Water is pretty amazing in its own right; it can improve your memory and mood, aide weight loss, improve exercise performance, reduce headaches, prevent constipation, reduce the risk of bladder infections and increase energy levels.


However, it is important to note that it is not always reliable to depend on your sense of thirst to determine if you are dehydrated or not. The best way to ensure you are consuming enough water is by monitoring the colour of your urine.

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